Medley: On Music (My Kind of Music), US-World Relations & Thank You’s

You might not get my train of thought here because it surely isn’t very logical, but I sure feel like sharing something cool that happened to me. What’s coming aren’t three great ideas. They simply are thoughts that matter to me (personal standards apply) in this moment in time. It’s just an attempt at putting them into writing, with nothing but music as my catalyst. This music!

So, I searched for this song live because I like it, but did not expect I would end up so happy and moved after these few minutes. It happened because this performance by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros is so incredibly uplifting and positive that it was impossible not to be moved. Seeing the singers really transmit their feelings in the song, the vibe between them, and enjoy every bit of it while doing so, was really awesome.

Until here, I think you might follow me, but being the owner of this scattered brain of mine, I wandered and went on. After that good, musically-powered moment, I thought of how much I love music, creating with others, connecting without words, how happy I feel to be drumming again (alone for now) and how it makes me so happy to see these guys enjoy that process too.

After a few more scattered thoughts here and there, I though of how much I like that aspect of the US; the free and happy musicians playing, meeting others for that purpose and how I think there’s very few places on Earth that allow for that sort of exchanges to occur in a way so human like what we see in this performance I am sharing.

Then finally I came to think that while there are plenty of problems in the US that upset me (the many social problems inside and the way the US government sometimes interacts with the rest of the world), seeing these musicians perform simply makes me leave that negativity aside for a bit. I thought that so many times, I am quick to criticize the US for its policies, what it does or doesn’t do, but forget that within it, there are also plenty of Amazing people making the world a better place — through music in this case, but also through philanthropy, research, arts, science and social movements, always with love and personal determination.

 When I see this video, I think that there are so many beautiful things about the US that I miss and that I will not see anywhere else, because they are so uniquely American, like these performance and the wonderful hippies in it. Nowhere else will I see the fall like I have seen it in Missouri and Arkansas, or make a new random friend at a local cafe. Those things matter, especially now that they don’t happen that often.

As I write, I am trying to figure out why I decided to pour my scattered head, and I think it has to do with the fact that I dearly miss those friends from my time in the US. I share because I think nobody else here in Chile, in my present, would take the time you have taken to listen to me pour my scattered thought out, in good and bad moments. Many of you know my experience in the US was difficult, and without you, I wouldn’t have ever been able to be where I am now. So, apologies for my nonsense bunch of seemingly unrelated ideas, but I hope you get my  intention and love. To all those people who once shared a their friendship, a beer, a meal, or your love with me, thank you! Thank you very much for everything.


Un pensamiento en “Medley: On Music (My Kind of Music), US-World Relations & Thank You’s

  1. Felipe: La mùsica es el lenguaje universal màs maravilloso que existe y que nos permite transportarnos a lugares y momentos especiales de nuestras vidas. Me alegra saber que a travès de ella pudistes evocar los buenos y maravillosos momentos de tu estadìa en Missouri.
    LOs mùsicos o el grupo transmiten una energìa increible. Me gustò, gracias por compartirlo.


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